Newfinese 101

Newfoundland has some fun and unique phrases with a language of its own. If you’ve ever wondered what some of the phrases heard around the rock mean, here’s a crash course of the Newfoundland dialect, typically known as Newfinese.

Best Kind - I’m doing great

Deadly - Something that is great!

Shag It - Forget it

How’s ya gettin’ on me old cock - How are you doing, my friend?

Loves it - I love it

Yes B’y - something said in Newfoundland instead of yes, ok, that’s great, etc. This one could mean many things.

Who knit ya? - Who are your parents?

Froze da det - I’m very cold

I dies at you! - You make me laugh

Put da side back in ‘er - Close the door

Got ‘er Scald - Got it pretty good 

You got me drove - Your are annoying me

Nar bit nice - That’s nice 

Cookin’ up a scoff - Cooking a big meal

Lodge it down b’y - Put that down

Some marnin' dis marnin' - It’s a nice morning

Me nerves is shot! - I’m stressed out 

Stun as me arse - Not very smart 

Me 'ole trout - An an old friend (or sometimes a new one)

Come from away - a visitor or traveler to Newfoundland who comes to visit.  

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of fun Newfoundland sayings you may hear while around the rock, Newfoundlanders also tend to drop the H in words and even add an H where it's not required such as:

Ome - Home

Ard - Hard 

What's ya hat - What are you at (doing)?

How's ya gettin' hon? - How are you doing?

Hafter - after

Hawful - awful









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